Mercedes-BENZ’s Vulgar Marketing using CHA BUM-Kun’s memory almost succeed until…


“Cha Bum-kun,” the Korean legendary football player and Mercedes-Benz G-Class, also known as G-Wagen (short for Geländewagen)
“Cha Bum-kun,” the Korean legendary football player and Mercedes-Benz G-Class, also known as G-Wagen (short for Geländewagen)

On Friday, April 15th, more than 200 Mercedes-Benz staff members and 150 reporters watched a heart touching handover ceremony in the Juk-Jeon Mercedes-Benz Korea showroom and service center in Yong-In, Kyung-Gi.

Mercedes-Benz Korea restored the Cha Bum-Gun (the South Korean football former head coach and player)’s old G-Wagen (GE230) that he used to ride in Bundesliga when he was active player in Germany.

18565_30765_594617650_28833_3449Reporters and staff members also were impressed by his speech. This news was pressed immediately to public and it attracted people’s great interests. The news titles were mostly, “Benz company delivered the restored G-Wagon to Mr. Cha which he used to drive 30 years ago.”

This G-Wagen was the vehicle which Cha purchased from Germany, with the purpose of driving all over the Korea nation to pass on his knowledge of Soccer to people, back in 1989 before he returned to South Korea.

17857_29216_20718565_30767_5947Previously, as a part of the project named, “Can our memories receive A/S, too?”, Mercedes-Benz Korea decided to restore Cha’s old G-Wagen by importing body parts from Germany.

In January, Mercedes-Benz Korea released the information to the press and the news opened to the public, it received positive responses from people.

According to the press release, it said, “this project starts from reviving Cha’s G-Wagen, the way it looked back in 30 years ago with Cha’s moments as a legend football player in Germany.

The purpose of this event is to recollect his moments spending with G-Wagen by re-gifting the precious moments of his life, and also the excellence of Mercedes-Benz.

benz-1181691_1280But the recent situation quickly went the other way. Someone claimed in the Facebook that he has the original Cha’s old G-Wagen.

The person, who revealed himself as an owner of the vehicle, posted up the pictures and wrote, “if there is anyone who works for Benz Korea, please contact to me. I am the current owner of Cha’s GE230,” in the Facebook.

If Cha didn’t ride two G-Wagens, it meant either Mercedes-Benz Korea or the person who revealed as the real owner was lying.

He requested Mercedes-Benz Korea the truth. And they gave him a lame excuse that, “The G-Wagen which we restored in this event is not Cha’s but still, it true that it’s the same model as his.” Eventually they admitted that the writing in the Facebook was true.

donald-trump-1276068_1280They apologized on their mistake and said, “It wasn’t our intention to lie about it but we feel sorry for not describing well enough about these facts actively.”

The biggest reason we buy such an expensive Mercedes-Benz with a lot of money is because we trust them. We have faith and trust on the products and makers from the bottom of our hearts and therefore we willingly open our wallets, even though it is very expensive. But if they continue the thoughtless and vulgar marketing, customers’ trust will fall down at once.

From now on, if Mercedes Benz do something like events, I would think once more and consider it.