204 HP, Splendid Driving of Avante Turbo Sport


아반떼 스포츠_1 copie copieHyundai in Korea is investing to expand of their turbocharging engine line up vehicles. They will increase fuel efficiency and engine performance while reduce emissions, and this will widen the rage of choice.

Nowadays, catching both a high performance and high efficiency at the same time are essential to automakers. Because of it, the market demands prefer economical and high-performance cars. Also it is difficult to response with high displacement car against forced environmental regulations.

아반떼 스포츠_2 copie copieTo follow the trends, start from 2010 Genesis turbo to recent new Avante sports, Hyundai turbo engine line-up is increased to seven models. Even car models become more diverse. The turbocharging Engines located in compact Avante, Veloster, Sonata, Tucson, and luxury division Genesis EQ900.

From these line up, the most famous model to public is Avante (*AKA Elantra in other countries). It is because Avante is in great demand for young adult customers who prefer turbo engine and has a highly marketable product. On April 28, 2016, Avante 1.6-liter turbo sport was released with the power engine performance of the Max. power, 204 HP and Max. torque 27.0kg.m.

아반떼 스포츠_3 copie copieCompare to a 2.4 liter gasoline engine, the power engine performance is superior. Furthermore, the Avante is loaded a 7 speed DCT so that it would demonstrate enjoyable driving.

May 3rd, there were heavy winds in the Avante test drive courses where located in the Yeongjong Island and the Songdo city grid circuit at Incheon. While I was test driving, whenever I increased the speed without furiously, the body shook. Also the speed didn’t increased properly.

To overcome the wind is the only way to catch the proper car speed. The Avente sport still ran lightly. By pressing gas pedal, the car body’s response was faster and quicker than what I expected. The strong sound of exhaust fumes was increased the driving interests by mixed with a fierce wind sound.

아반떼 스포츠_4 copie copieStill, we couldn’t hear any unpleasant sound. It was very quiet and the reaction of the car body against the surface of the road was smooth. Avante’s new rear wheel suspension was replaced to multi-link type and it ran the road smoothly. Turbo rack didn’t move smoothly. When step hard the gas pedal, it jumped once and then speeded up.

The weight of the car was 1380 kg. The light weight also helped light drive and the body movement was very flexible enough to play freely. At the test driving, the all package was applied.

I noticed that the combined fuel economy of 7-speed DCT was more efficient than a manual transmission. The combined fuel economy of the manual transmission was 11.6 km/l and compare to that, 7-speed DCT is 12.0 km/l. According to the Hyundai, “Turbo engine and duel clutch matches well so that it could have better fuel efficiency than the manual transmission.”

아반떼 스포츠_5 copie copie

The test driving car was applied all the advanced convenience options include seat package which had 10 way power seat, smart package, infotainment package, comfort package.

From the base price, 21,580,000 (KWR) will add up if you apply all of the packages. The manual transmission model costs 19,630,000 (KWR), the most expensive trim calls extreme selection costs 24,100,000 (KWR). As customers view point, it is a little bit pricy.